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Help a kiwi?


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^ :lol:


that reminds me of watching walkie and his brother at a sailing worlds in nz a few years back


we sat on the '' deck '' [ try saying that in new zealander ] and heard the start countdown through the official radio nearby everyday . when the lady on the other end of the radio got to ''6'' and instead said ''sex'' or ''sux'' [ it depended which lady was on the boat each day ] the whole crowd of overseas visitors sitting on the '' dick '' would CRACK UP :rofl::rofl::rofl:


the new zilanders got cranky . but we didnt care . :booty: . they beat us in the thugby !


lets let our NZ cousin in then .


oh , and one of the crews from norway convinced a young journo there doing a local paper story :news: that they lived on rollmops [ pickled herring slivers rolled up in a vinegar filled jar or something ] and had brought a case load over with them for energy food when out on the water . :D

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I made it back. Thanks guys.


Not really a big rugby fan to be honest, even though we are hosting the world cup support for the AB’s seems to be at an all time low, well rugby in general in NZ is not what it once was, its actually acceptable to say you are not a fan these days, years ago not watching rugby made you a poofter.


Still love seeing the AB’s smash Ausi though!

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