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intrested in upgrading my current driver, looking into gettin into a clio and think this is the best place to start looking for one and finding out a bit about them, mate of mine has a 172 and goes quite well for a 2.0. i currently drive a s2000 but looking for something more of a everyday car which is more practical and handles like a go kart.



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The RS Clio fits the bill of "practical" and "handles like go-kart" pretty well.


There is a thread from an ex-182 owner who changed to an S2000. Might be worth reading for some insight :wink:


Good luck with your decision 8)

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Mine did everything:

Daily drive in comfort - yep

Track slag - yep

Small van for carting around gig gear - yep

What else can you ask for? :D

I shall hold my tongue as there may be ladies present :wink:


Nevertheless, it really is a full package wrapped around a fuel efficient yet road rocket engine.

Enjoy it when you get one.




ps: ...and welcome.

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