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Another new 197 owner


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Hi all


What a trick little car !! Just bought a red 197 done 5500K and after a test drive a couple of weeks earlier could not believe how it performed and handled. Having moved into semi retirement and needing to buy a car after 30 years of company cars, the 197 is the ducks nuts. Still got 2 years warranty to run so I am happy about that.


I am considering painting the rear diffuser gloss black. Any suggestions or comments and has anyone else done this.




Ian Lloyd

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Howdy Hi! :D


Congratulations on discovering what most on this forum have found out the exact same way.


Would love to see how your diffuser turns out, the 200s have theirs gloss, and it looks ace.

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Hi and welcome aboard.

You could:

- have the diffuser painted (agree on the gloss black)

- have it vinyl wrapped. A few places do this.

Food for thought and keep enjoying.



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