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Another Melbourne Trophee


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Hello all,

Time to start a post, rather than just read them. Picked up my white RS Trophee on Friday. I really, really like it!


I'd been enjoying looking for a new car for at least 6 months after getting the thumbs up from my wife that hers would continue to be the family car (thanks Ford: Territory holding up well after 5 years with 3 growing kids).


Coming from my sensible 2006 Mazda 6 hatch, I didn't think it would take too much to get me excited. I wanted a car that would be fun for the 20km cross city drive to and from work each day as well as on the country roads on the odd weekend. It also had to have 5 seatbelts for the when the Territory runs out of petrol.


The Golf R was top of my list because the GTI was just too common. After reading reviews of both versions of the golf, it came as a surprise that the DSG versions left me underwhelmed. I didn't drive a manual R because VW told me "no one" buys the manual. About the same time I also drove an SS-V Commodore which ticked the "fun" box but little else.


Along came Renault just in time ( I had been following the new model on and off through 2010) and after a satisfactory test drive, and the thumbs up from my wife (self confessed francophile) it was just a matter of time before the deal was done (with all the fruit... as you say).


Will have some photos for you within a few days plus my likes and dislikes..... I think that goes in a different topic?


Thanks for information on your forum over the last few months.






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Congrats! I didnt know you could get the 200 in white non anniversary edition...


Also I think you have 4 seatbelts in the 200?


Methinks 250 :wink:


Welcome dmc :D

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Welcome aboard David,

Seems you gave it a lot of educated thought. Glad to see you chose wisely and hope you are as impressed as all the journos giving the thumbs up after they drive it.

Hot hatch and/or car of the year left right and centre.

Anyways, look forward to YOUR feed back and pics.



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Welcome, David!


Glad you found your Renault, and us in the process. May I ask if our little forum helped in your decision?



Interestingly, I only really started using the forum after my purchase. I tended to look at internet reviews and magazines prior to that. However, I do recall using your forum to direct me to various reviews and of course to assist with choosing a color.


So I guess it did help me with my decision and has reinforced it ever since.



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