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Hey everyone

highbury ghost

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Hi everyone , great to see a Australian based renault forum . I live in Victoria and fell in love with Clio's when I was 19 ( mate had a clio wiliams when I lived overseas ) . Currently looking at buying a rs250 although can't decide on the colour - which led me to this forum , they all kinda look good . Would like to know what people think of Mercury Silver ? has anyone seen one ?

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Welcome Ghosty! The 250 looks great in any colour so I think the decision comes down to of you want to be lairy or understated :wink:


I'm dying to see a red one but I thought RDs had a Mercury Silver now and that Teki had posted a pic?

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Lol thanks guys , yes just saw the one in mercury posted in the pics section does look good . Surprisingly the rs 250 seems to pull off wearing a yellow suit . Saw one recently and damn it looked good , dunno whether I could have the guts to own a yellow car and am sorely tempted . Like mercury though because of the grey diffuser/inserts .

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Welcome aboard Mr Ghost, best of luck with your purchase and choice.

You're on the right track with the yellow... it looks very tasty. I dig the white with the cup black highlights.

Wheels look better in 18 over 19 funny enough.

But this is all opinion. As mentioned above, you could paint this thing pink and purple and it would STILL look good.

If you're open to colours, then see what deals you can get based on whatever colours they have ordered etc.

NB: to all forum, the grey one at Bryan bert Renault QLD has had some seious transport damage to the side skirts, side panels, and one wheel (to be replaced). Brand new car off to the spray painters = NOT new car for me anymore.

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Hey - welcome.

I have a yellow R26 and I love the bright car. Except for the beige Volvo 244, all my prior cars were red.

I hope never to own beige or red again (nor white because even though they look great in white, everyone around here has a white car). But I'd buy another yellow car.


Like they said above, the car looks great in all choices of colour offered and you can't go wrong by listening to that inner voice...

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Welcome aboard!


I have a yellow one and it stands out, it turns heads where ever I go, even in suburbs where $100k cars are frown upon :wanker:


I had a toro red 225 Cup which I traded for the 250, I do like it, but have yet to see a red 250 in the flesh, have seen photos posted on the UK Megane forum...looks good, you could be the first to own one in red.



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