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Looking to buy a Clio Sport


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Hi All,


I'm new to the forum and have discovered the site after deciding in wanting to purchase a clio sport. At this stage I haven't decided on the base clio sport or a cup 182, possibly you guys can persuade me either way. I've been reading some stuff on the site this morning and it is great so am really appreciating the content.


Does anyone know anything about these cars listed for sale?


http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/pri ... D363D361F2


http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Automotiv ... e&AdOnTop=


Also what should I look for to know if it is a genuine 182 cup and not just a clio sport? (First things I'm aware of is that the cliosport doesn't have the dual exhaust and the 182 cup has the grey wheels,not silver.)


Anything further you can advise me on would be great.

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Welcome Bluee. Model line up as follows:


<2001 - 172 phase 1

2001-2004 - 172 phase 2 (different headlights and interior).

>2004 - 182 and 182 cup (cup has darker anthracite wheels, improved suspension and steering. 182 cup had a couple of variations, 182 experts can tell you the diff).


Some issues (others can probably add more)


Steering wheel deteriorates and a worn one can indicate the car has been driven hard.

Front suspension/steering can knock in a couple of places. When test driving go from lock to lock listen for any knocks.

TDC sensor. Can make the car hard to start when cold.

Most importantly - make sure the engine belts have been done (100,000km or 4 years)!!


The main thing you need to know is that they are all a blast to drive!!

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Hi and welcome bluee :D


Yeah, there's a wealth of info here - could take you a while to get through things, but it will be worth your while looking at some of the more concise threads on the topics you've mentioned.


Briefly though, key visual differences are that all the 182 range (2004-2006ish) have the dual exhaust (which uses the spare wheel well area, so no spare wheel as a result), the Cup with grey 16" wheels, the 'Normale' with silver 16s. Has cruise control, no CD stacker, some trim differences to the earlier 172. Mechanically, the Cup has a quicker steering rack, bigger front hubs, sits 3mm lower... yadayadayada.


The earlier 172 (Dec 2001-2003ish) looks very similar but came in different colours, has one hidden exhaust tip, 15" wheels, CD stacker. There are other minor differences but nothing too important.


The 172=124kW, the 182=131kW.


Hope this helps?

Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome bluee. Early 172 don't have ESP (no biggie for me). And there were a few limited editions as well - Phase 1 172, 182 Cup in French Blue, 182 Cup in Orange. Unfortunately we never got the UK/Swiss Trophy model though.


edit. neither car looks familiar to me. The 172 looks a bit expensive for the age/km, but you'd need to do more homework on history, etc.

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Thanks guys for your feedback. I've been feverishly reading through the posts today learning as much as I can and am certainly a lot more informed.


Hopefully this will lead to me choosing a great car.


I'l keep you posted on when I purchase the car but at this stage there isn't a lot to choose from which doesn't surprise me this time of year, hopefully it will pick up as after reading everything I really want one.


Now I just need to test drive a few and am sure this will make my decision much clearer.


Thanks again.

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Hi and welcome.

I here this clio is up for sale and thus far, only on this forum site :wink: :


Might very well suit a new starter such as your self.

Eother way, good luck with the chase, and feel free to let me know if you need parts in the future.



ps: pics and video coming soon.

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Thanks Wolf.


At this stage I think I have my eyes set on a 182 - Cup, and being I am in no rush to purchase I will just see what arises over the next month or so. Your car sounds like it is in great nick and the kms are excellent so post some pics as I may reconsider if it is still around in a month or so.


Regarding parts etc, I will definitely keep this in mind.



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