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Welcome :)


You'll find plenty of info here to assist with your search, and plenty of helpful members willing to throw in their 2c :D


Just bear in mind many of us are a little biased towards these Frenchies :wink: ...some have strayed and rejoined the fold or have remained active members even if they have not bought another RS. They are addictive after all, so don't say we didn't warn you.


Whereabouts are you located? There are drive days coming up if you would like to see a Clio close up.


Cheers, Dish.

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Hi Tam


Welcome, and hope you stick around for a while.



Everyone here is generally nice and will happily talk your ear off about these cars.


Except Dish.



He's started charging per letter for his replies. True! :popcorn:

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hello just browsing the net and found this forum, thinking of getting a RSC 01-02 ph2, other choices are a VW Gti, peugeot gti or an audi a3t.


Welcome Tam! Only one real choice in that list :wink:


Come join us for a drive day and check out some Clios on November 28th, if you're around 8)

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Hi Tam,

I think you should get one of the otherson the list.

....oh wait, insanity has worn off, RSC and you'll never look back.

Unless it's to see what b-e-a-utiful twisty roads you just took on rails.

Anyways... that's my two cents (worth at least double that)... now go get one.



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