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Almost ready to buy...


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Hey all.


So I've been leasing my '05 Honda Integra Type S and the lease finishes in June. I had almost given up on finding another reasonably priced sports car, when I came across the Megane RS250 Cup. Looks like a great car. Can any owners of this variant comment on the car? I think I like this model rather than the Trophee, but still haven't made up my mind...Oh also, how long is the wait for a yellow or red?


Thanks in advance...Sly :?:

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welcome reesly . pop up your location on sig . are you in sydney ?


the RSM 250 is brand new , went and saw one at a dealer today . test drives just started . they are winning all the hot hatch comparos around including latest motor mag against the mighty focus rs so i suspect you'd be buying the worlds best hot hatch .


theres not a huge difference between the 2 specs but the experts here will be able to advise with precision . i'm looking again tomorrow at a different colour .

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You may be a few months, but i've heard they're taking orders now for next year.

Not sure what the long term plan is for Renault OZ on how many they will bring in etc.

So yellow or red? whatever the dealer tells you on that one.

If you're coming from a type S and thinking of going to an RS, there is little to think about... do it man!

Heheh... but yes, think it would be a great step up.

Good luck, enjoy if you get one, my sincerist condolences if you don't.



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Nice job mate :D congrats, now when I come down to Waterfront for uni, I'll know I aint the only 250 there!

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