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Gordini or not?


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Hey everyone,


Im new to the forums.


I currently drive an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, but currently seriously contemplating purchasing a Gordini. I saw it at the Sydney Motor Show and fell in love.


Im read to get rid of my GTA now and considering the Gordini, Golf GTi or the Alfa Giulleta (Jan 11).


Just want to see peoples thoughts on the car - for those who own one, how much the paid etc?


I test drove the Clio sport today at Overs City and was pritty impressed.





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Sat inside one last week, and was impressed to say the least.

Like how it has projectors with the levellers inside. Always wondered how that would go if one were to put aftermarket HIDs in them.

Seats... delicious. Cabin overall was great. The splashes of white and the hidden G in the stripes all say "collectable" to me when thinking of moving on... (millions of years from now of course).

My boy (huge Renault fan a 3 years of age) simply did not want to get out. And he has taste!

I would be surprised completely if ever someone got in to one of these and said the words

"i didn't like it"

Limited numbers here (and in the world)... so you what to do.




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It has

- nicer interior (debatable)

- unique exterior

- rims coloured inside to match

- seats are just as firm but covered in leather

- HID lights

- Slightly softer suspension i believe

(NB:i'm sure someone will look this up and find some things wrong and/or more differences - but you get the jist)


Sooooo... yeah, the 20th has more of the "it" factor, and cup or trophy suspension.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. I took delivery of my Gordini a week ago and I love it.


I picked the Gordini over the LE because I want leather interior, and I think it looks pretty cool (well ok, except the G embossing on the stripes). It's a bit of a handbag (which is perfect for me), but don't let that put you off, it is a great looking car.


It is missing the keyless entry/start of the LE, and the Recaro seats. Whilst I miss the Recaros, I'm pretty happy with picking up leather and better headlights (projector/cornering). The suspension is the same.


I say go for it, it is just awesome to drive, you won't look back. And I'd love a photo shoot with another Gordi :D

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