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Newbie @ Tunehouse


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Hey Guys!


Just thought I would drop a quick hello!


I work over at Tunehouse in Sydney, we do all sorts of things here ranging from servicing your familys every day car to dyno tuning your lovely weekender.


I have grown up in the industry and love every minute of it.


I would love to see some Renaults come through our garage doors... I worked for a dealer and really think what they have coming through the showroom these days is amazing.


Anything I can help with please let me know.


Look forward to talking soon.


Thanks guys,




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I use to sit next to a Clio F1 for work every day! I love the Renault Sports range and would honestly love to see them more often!


I almost bought a Clio Sport earlier this year but might be holding off for the Megane due to come out later this year... See how we go, there are a few other things pending and a few other things on the list at the moment.


Thanks for the welcome!

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Go up to Moosey's post above and look on the right hand side.


Ps. Welcome to the site!

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I would love to see some Renaults come through our garage doors


Welcome to the site Jess.


The Clio that raced at Bathurst, the R-sport Safe -t- stop RS Clio, said that they had they 197 dynoed at your shop and had only good things to say.


I'm sure if you look around the site you will notice that the Sydney guy's are very vocal supporters of a certain workshop in Carlton. So it's nice to have another interested party around, but you have big shoes to fill.


The only car mag that I purchase is Performance Imports, and they regularly have cars at Tunehouse and give you guys pretty big wraps. Good luck, hope to hear some good things about your service in the future.

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dyno tuning for clios?



im looking at making some kind of a deal with a dyno joint to do my 3rd gear runs in order to get my custom map from the rs tuner. im going to have to come back 3 or 4 times.

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