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Another new 225 cup owner


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Hi all,


I am new to the forum and have just purchased a 2005 2.0T sport. I wanted a second car for the wife who was happy with the looks and 4 doors. Secretly I was hoping she would like it as I have been a fan for years. I look forward to reading the posts and gathering information about this little car. As far as I can tell it is stock with lowered supension.



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Hi all,


Howdy Acooper,

Feel free to start your own HELLO thread, there's plenty of room and that way any replies will be mainly for you.

Welcome aboard though...and look forward to pics. Interested in seeing it lowered.



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Feel free to start your own HELLO thread, there's plenty of room




We can't have the cool kids pretending they're wallflowers now, can we... 8)



Welcome to our safe little house on the prairie :lol:

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Hi Wolf,


Thanks for the message. Not sure why the Heading came up as 225 cup as it is standard 225 not the cup. Perharps operator error. I am heading off for 2 weeks but when I get back I will get some photo's up. Actually thinking about doing the unthinkable and selling the lowered shocks and getting a pair of standard shocks. Problem is the wife seems to hit every speed hump and drive way with the lowered front. I would rather have a neat unbroken front spoiler and give up some handling as she drives it most days and I only get the play on the weekends.


Any suggestions?



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Firstly, you wont be replacing your shocks you will be replacing your springs.


If you can jack up the car and have a look at what springs it has in it, either be it by colour reference or name brand.


Try for OEM replacements but they will be silly expensive so I would honestly recommend a 'not so low' aftermarket alternative with a slightly stiffer spring rate than stock as a good compromise.


These are from H&R Springs.

Part Number: 29190-1 Renault Megane Sport petrol (165kW) + diesel (127kW) type M

color black, lowering 25mm, year: from 2004-

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Thanks Apex & Jeffie,


Yes it is definentely lowered I have had it next to another 225 as well as Paul V confimed it . If I get a chance over the weekend I'll jack it up as per Apex adve and see how I go.


I'll post the results and thanks for the comments. Feel free to keep them coming. Great shots as well Apex

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