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Megane 225 f1.

freo docks

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Hi, new here and looking to buy my first Renault scince a Gordini in the early 80's. Looking to buy a 225 F1 in the blue, no: 1029, manufactured in April 2006, sold in Australia in ?. I'm just a little confused over the model titles, and if this car is a R 26 or just an earlier model 225 F1. Any help info would be appreciated before I hand over any dough so I know exacty what I'm getting.

Thanks in advance.

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It's the previous model you mention, the R26 was designated as 230, and only came in yellow and black here.


The F1, as it's known in these parts is still a sweet little nut, and the black wheels look awesome.



Happy hunting, and I hope we'll see you with a HUGE grin on your dial again soon :)



Was your Gordini a 17 by any chance?

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April 2006, #1029, blue - that's definitely the 225 F1 :D

We (as in my other half) have #1026, and they are a terrific car. Have a squiz at the forums as there is a lot of helpful info to be found.


Freo - is that like in Fremantle?


Welcome and all the best in your search.

Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome! Good luck with your search. Sounds like the one Coop was looking at in Perth?

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