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"View active topics" not working


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Maybe it's just me, but when I go to "View active topics", there's now only one (RS Imports thread). I usually just go there as it gives you an index of the threads with the latest posts. I just noticed this last night but haven't been on the forum since Friday (and it worked fine then).


Admins - any ideas?

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The forum has been upgrade to the latest version and so I suspected that a few bugs would pop up.


In the last version of the forum we were using "View active topics" included all forums.


In this version we (an admin) can now choose which forums are included in the "View active topics".


I'll go through and turn it on for all of the forums, except for maybe the nationals forums and maybe classifieds.


I'll post back once done/

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Was just about to post that I've finished.


Just the nationals and classifieds won't show up, if people want them in there then I can add them in.

Cheers Bremund.


Thanks for all your hard work (in the backgorund) maintaining OzRS :hail:

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Have had difficulty keeping a login alive on iOS, will let you know if it persists.


You're having problems keeping a login alive on a Cisco!?


Oh wait, that's right Apple copied Cisco's OS name :oops:


Um, on my iPhone (running OS 4) I use the Tapatalk app, I'll try using Safari and see if I get the problem too.

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