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New Megane RS225


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Hi All,


Just recently bought a 2005 Megane Renault Sport 225 LUX. Its a gem!! I had been contemplating purchasing a Nissan Skyline 350GT however the budget and the fact it's a grey import, changed my thinking. As did a mate, Aitch who you probably know.


I loved my old Audi which i thought handled like a dream but after taking this little gem for a run out on the country back-roads, wow !!!! The power, handling & styling won me over immediately and the panoramic sunroof won over my 2 year old daughter (who needs a portable DVD player when you can just open the roof for silence!).


At the moment investigating a new set of tyres. Currently have a bald set of Continental sport contact II on the car. Considering Yokohama S-drives, Michelin PS 2 or 3, or getting another set of Continentals, budget permitting. Any thoughts?


Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you guys soon



Paul (Walnuts)

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Congrats and welcome!


Always love hearing how surprised people are by these machines... best kept secret Down Under!


Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome, I think I met u at the Luffy stage 1 day with Aitch, u had the Audi there?


I've also just got a meggy and I'm loving it as well. As for tyres I think Adrian has pointed you in the right direction. PS3 do seem good value and as I understand are a replacement for the PP2 currently on my car which have been great so far.


KU36 and 595RSR will give you more dry grip but will also wear a little faster.


Enjoy and look forward to seing it and yourself on a drive day soon

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Welcome! I've seen your car in the Inner West :wink:


Get along to a social event soon!

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Howdy Walnuts, 'bout time.

Now you can absorb the knowledge.

We need some tyres for the Lancer, so keep me informed if you find a good deal.

PS3s seem good, just need a vendor.



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Im a big fan of the Dunlop Sport Max on the Megane, I replaced my set with some Pirelli P-ZERO Nero’s and im regretting it.


Wish Michelin were sharper priced down under.

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Welcome aboard.

So tempting moving up in size from my Clio to a Megane.

Especially with all these bargains popping up.

Well done, and see you around the forum.



ps: working hard on sourcing those PS3s, but the damn shipping makes it difficult.

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My Goodness!!! You people are dedicated. I wasn't expecting this amount of advice and information so soon. Thanks all for that & the welcome. I take it the PS3's aren't released here yet. Hmm might keep driving on slicks a bit longer and wait for them.


I've gotta sort out my profile (bit of a Luddite me) but I'm situated in Balmain. And yes that was me at the Luffy day with the old Audi (i punished that car daily and she loved it!!). Just had the Meggy checked by Paul V and got a fairly clean bill of health, however (this will come as a surprise to you all) the engine mounts were shagged!!! Previously driving an old Audi I thought that sort of vibration in a European car was normal. Now I keep muting the CD player thinking I've stalled the car.


Thanks again, look forward to meeting you all



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G'day Walnuts,


I am running PS2's on my 225 cup and they are the goods, also tried the Pirellis Zero Nero's, Goodyear GSD F1's both rubbish. Original Dunlop SP Sportmaxx were awesome as well.


There is a guy on Ebay in Wollongong (dealer) selling the PS2's in 17" for $980 a set of 4, that's really good buying.



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