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New 182 Owner in Brisbane


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Hi all,


Just thought I'd introduce myself here since I've just bought a 182 a few days ago. Arctic Blue with 70000k's - pretty tidy car. Upgraded from an Alfa Romeo GTV - what a difference! The 182 is insanely fast in comparison and the handling is amazing!


I look forward to meeting up with some Brissie folk on a drive sometime :)



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Hi John,

Welcome aboard and always good to hear another Brisbanian has joined the fold.

First thing's first... we're having a drive day (unless the heavens open up - in which case most would postpone)


it's on Saturday the 5th of June.

Good time to come meete and greet - as well as stretching the legs of your new ride.

Drivers range from pleasant cruisers to riding up your ass within cms (i'm looking at you Homer :yes:)

Looks like a drive around Mt mee area to Montvile (ish).


Anyways, look around the forum and give your 2cents where you see fit.

In short...Enjoy.



ps: look after you ride and servicing properly - best advice i can give.

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Thanks for the welcome guys :)


I'll have a read up on that drive topic Wolf, but I'm certainly keen - just have to check the calendar.

I've been lurking around here for a year or two before I bought mine :)

Funny you mention the maintenance side of things - I emailed you early this morning chasing some prices haha

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Yep, the 916. Was only the TS unfortunately but it was still pretty nice :) I'll probably ruffle a few feathers here by saying that it had a smoother / sweeter revving engine than the clio, but nowhere near as much power.

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