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Potential Megane sport225 owner


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I'm new. A friend of mine told me of the above car a month ago, knowing I was looking for another car.

After doing a little research and taking a few for a spin, I'm very impressed with overall finish, safety, handling, styling. I'm sure I could live with a few little issues that seem to go wrong ie... engine mounts, leaky shocks, headlight bulbs.


There wasn't a great deal of information on fuel economy for the megane, redbook states 11.4lts/100, is this about right?



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Had my 2006 Megane 225 Cup for a few weeks now...my worst tank with a a LOT of right foot action netted my 480km off 48ltrs.


I've averaged about 520km off 50ltrs with a combination of peak hour traffic and the odd squirt here an there.


So really it's closer to 10ltrs per 100km in my experience.


I'm confident if i drove somewhat sedately with economy in mind, 600km from a tank would not be a hard task.

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Wassie, you have to get one... yes i'm biased when locals are considering a purchase and help the Renault Sport flag waving. Should come out for a drive when you do.

Hopefully one of the Briz lads will step up and share their petrol usage numbers around our streets etc.

I drive a Clio myself, but still cannot believe how fantastic it is on fuel economy...assume the Megane holds its own in its class too.

Anyway, welcome and see you out there when you get one.



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