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Hi People. New to the forums, but long time lover of the cliosports. Just purchased my second one. 2002 Cliosport in iceberg silver, 97 000 kms, no known mods. Previously I owned a brand new 04 model but stupidly sold it to go on holidays. But I never forgot the sheer driving pleasure. Cheers

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Welcome! Good choice coming back to RS ownership :wink:


where abouts are you located?

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Oh yes, once the RS bug bites, there's no known cure LOL


Welcome 8)


Yeh, the Doc said there's nothing I can do about it...


And it's also started to infect my whole family and some of my friends! :oops:




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Hi Oki,

Welcome aboard.

Whereabouts in OZ are you located, as this would help direct you to any upcoming meet, greet, drives and cruises.

I'm on my 3rd 172... just keep coming back to them.

Have a look around, read and imput on any posts, always good to get a different perspective.



ps: how was the trip? :)

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Hi people I'm located in Brisbane. Just ordered some parts from the UK (timing belt kit, aux. belt kit & water pump) at under half the price in OZ including shipping. Damn volcano has set me back a week.

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