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Hi from UK


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Thought i'd sign up and see whats what with Renaults on the other side of the world!


I own/run a Renaultsport specialist tuning company:


AP-Developments LTD specialises in engine building and performance tuning for race and "fast road"/track cars. We undertake alot of full race engines for competition cars, where engines are built to the highest standard ensuring all tolerances and running clearances are optimised in order to allow full potential of power to be produced.

Anything from fitting of uprated components to a full "blue-print" race engine build can be catered for.


We prodominantly specialise in the tuning of Renaults, with nearly 10 years of tuning know-how on the Clio range in particular.


We have a 2wd rolling road and aswell as basic power runs with AFR and boost logging, we can offer live mapping on aftermarket managment, and we can also offer OEM (standard production ecu's) ECU remaps on 90% of cars/vans/4x4's.

We have a 800bhp/1200lb.ft engine dyno test cell which can be used for running in new builds, testing components configurations, complete ECU calibration prior to fitting, all in the most controlled and safe environment.


We also specialise in cylinder head flow development, "porting", using flowbench, engine dyno and most importantly vast experience, in order to increase specific torque output of your engine. All cylinder head prep work is carried out in-house with 10years of airflow experience going into every piece of work. The experience gathered through CAD and CFD work, engine simulation software work, flowbench work, and dyno work, complements a skilled hand to give a top quality end result.


We carry out throttle body installations, full engine builds, fitting of cams, basically all aspects of performance tuning, all at the highest quality of workmanship.


For the Renaultsport range we also carry out servicing and maintenance work.


APD is an authorised dealer for DTA, Wossner Pistons and Catcams cam and valve train components.


Obviously alot of my services wont be applicable as you are too far to just pop in with your car :lol: , but im always willing to offer advice or supply parts or just generally help :D


Cheers, Craig

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Hi Craig,

Welcome to the site. Any chance you are considering moving to the great land of OZ? :wink:

Look forward to what aftermarket parts you will be able to supply etc.

Cheers and sent you an email.


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Are they real places??? Lived in Bristol for three years myself.


Welcome to the site, guys. A difficult one to tackle but we have commerical supporters on this site who are important to support. Happy to have you UK guys join up and contribute but you'll need to look at either PMing members directly with offers/prices or contacting an admin with view to signing up as a supporter of the site if you want to openly ply your wares. You'll then get your own thread in the commercial section to promote your business.


Hope this doesn't come across as a bit harsh, 'cos it isn't meant to be.



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Haha! no worries. Thought of the thread as an intro in any case.


As for vowels, we have Woolloomooloo in Sydney. Enough for you?


Yep when you work in woolloomooloo its makes writing return address letters a real bitch.


Welcome Craig - I'm probably not alone in being keen on seeing what you have to offer as a trader too!

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