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new clio 172 2002 owner PERTH


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hi there i just bought a flame red172 rs for $6800 :D ive only driven it for about an hour and had to go away for work its great fun to drive cant wait to get back. however it has the 4k rattle which gives me the sh*tes :x and the aircon is hot but thanks to this site i should have it sorted when i get back. its done 118000kms and has fully history with 2 owners. i d like to find the original owner to find out some history his name was paul evans and he sold it to purchase a 182 apparentlyany how cant wait to get back and give some herbs .

see yas out there.

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Hi Sportif, welcome aboard and great to see another WA RS'er. Keep an eye out for the rare but always fun drive days we have from time to time. There has also been talk of another track day soon but nothing firm yet. Hope you enjoy the little beastie!





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Welcome to the Forum Sportif,

Hope you don't have to spend too much to get it clean.

If it's a DIY job, i'm sure you'll find the answers here... many issues have been discussed and rissolved.

Here if you need anything beyond that.

Cheers, and enjoy the drive on your return.


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