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New clio sport172 owner


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HI I just picked up my clio 172 sport on saturday and what a great little car


I have already ordered a k and N airfilter this one - http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=57I-6509

Has any body got one of these?


Also looking for advice :news: on cat back exhaust, I have got quotes for a custom hitech exhaust and a remus system but way over $1200 for both any suggestions??


I have found these in the uk -





Has anybody got one or know if they are any good?


Also the aircon is weak is this a normal renualt clio thing or should i regas it? :drool:


Sorry for the million questions!! hope to see you all on the road or a track meeting soon!!




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Welcome! Where abouts are you located?


Check out the Ktec stealth cat-back (available from Juice Motorsport in Aus or Ktec in the UK). It is pretty popular for the 172.


Enjoy your new car!

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Welcome and agree with the above. Sounds like a re-gas, but check for leaks.

IF you get an exhaust, then try to go for quality as they can get a lot of drone if you get it wrong.

Stealth systems seem to work well.

Also, with that K&N pod system, to be honest i have not heard good things as much i would have thought.

I too wanted one, until one of the members up here in Bris said he's actually looking at going back to standard, or an element panel filter, or anything else to be frank.

But on the up side, it should sound really nice at least.



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Thanks all for the advice


I will check out the ktec exhausts. Don't really want the drone at 5km/h on the M4 on the way to work!!


I'm in Quakers Hill and have seen a couple of Sport's around.


Mine is a 2002 dark Blue with a sunroof fitted by Rick Damelian, 52,000 km's full service history with reciepts. and the little rubber bit on the steering wheel is still on!!!!! :wink:

Does Paul V do ECU tunes? would like a tune after the exhaust and intake are done. Has anyone used a unichip on there car? I have a spare from an Impreza RS I owned.

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The shizzle is a little device called an RSTuner - you've just missed the forum's third (?) group buy.


They allow you diagnostic access and to reflash the ECU. (Insert the usual caveats about being careful here).

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Yep. I have the same lousy air con on my 172 now as well. It used to be alot better. It was never great, ive always had to crank it up to full on really hot days to cool the interior down.. I think its time mine had a service too.


Welcome to the forum. I see you havent wasted anytime on doing the mods :wink:





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Thanks Gents I will take it to my AC guy near my work called concord electrical, pretty dodgy but does great AC work on all the sh*tboxes I have taken him and cheap as, full regas is $90 with old or new gas....


any way does anyone know the website to purchase the RSTuner without the group buy??

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