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New + seeking Clio Sport


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Hello all,

I am new to this site. Someone recommended I join as I am seeking to purchase a clio sport latest year being 2003. Am hoping someone can help or guide me to those who are keen to sell. I'll let you know that my email address is marcoc46@hotmail.com- won't give work as I'll be finishing up this week. My mobile is 0411712729 if you would prefer to call for a chat. My budget is $20k max. I live in Sydney, but am happy to purchase the right car anywhere.

I look forward to your valuable assistance and getting to know you all.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Marco46-not my age- all to do with the doctor. :hyper:

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Marco, Ron here - good to see you took my advice as this place is a wealth of knowledge and you'll often see cars pop up for sale who've been owned by fellow enthusiasts (i.e. looked after).


Also, you might want to post up that you're looking and what you're looking for in the "Wanted" section.


Good luck.



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Hi Marco,

Welcome aboard, hope you find what you are looking for sooner rather than later.

Just a quick question: you know Mighty mouse, you wnat a Clio, he's selling a Clio....an agreement?

Just as a thought. Anyways, good luck and as always..."ViVa La Figa!"

W :wink: LF (big fan as well)

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Read alot on here before you buy so you know what to watch for.


I have to say, all of the RS's that get sold from members on this forum are great cars. Their owners know alot about them, and they've been well looked after, most with alot of money spent on them.


It's heaps safer buying from someone on the forum, than from a random who doesn't know alot about the clio's (I made that mistake, and it cost me to get the car back into healthy shape).


Also, didnt Mighty_mouse82 sell his already?

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