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new member perth 172


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Hi guys,


Have a Clio 172 03' (esp). So far have the Group N ecu & 2 1/2 exhaust on, power wise. With the car already posting a 14.2 1/4 mile at Kwinnana motorplex, the Clio has proven it's not too slow in the straight line. It's a step down in the straight line from the last few cars but, that's not what this one's about.


Hope to get out for a track day in the future to unlock the 'real' side of the car's fun. Have some decent ferrodo ds2500 pads on already and some semi slick toyo 888's lined up, just need another set of stocker rims for them and it's lateral g time :mrgreen:

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Welcome aboard from a fellow WA RS'er. We have drive days about twice a year organised with Aussiefrogs but getting local RS members along is like prying teeth! :wink: Be great to get a new face along.





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Guys, just realised I should have put in the first post that 1/4 mile and mods were done by the previous owner, I've just picked the car up this week. I bought it off a bloke called Karl, and I think he is KRR19 on this forum.



looking up KRR19's posts he did remove the seats and the spare.


Karl is actually a professional race driver as well ( V8 Supercars next season, for brad jones racing team) so the Clio RS is obviously the choice for 'race car drivers' as opposed to hair dressers :D

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