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Sheesh ... it's been a while...


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hehehe Dish....I'd better go introduce myself again in the newbies thread then :dance:

and yes I'm still laid up from my 1hp flying circus trick :( ...although I managed to sit up in the car yesterday (as a passenger) for a short drive and stood washing the breakfast/lunch dishes today (never thought I'd be reporting that as an achievement/highlight of my day! :lol: )


Never underestimate the power of 1 hp to significantly alter your driving ability :wink: hehehehe

(for those curious...I fell off my horse last week and broke my back)


Wolf, I'm still hooning around in a fuego (well I was before Monday a week ago...and hopefully will be again in another 2-3 weeks) Poor fugs is being tootled around town by mum at the moment (sporting sprigs of bush from the side of the driveway caught in the foglight surrounds as mum grapples with non power steering and difficulty finding reverse) ...and I'm not sure how much of the new clutch plate will still be there when I finally get back behind the wheel :roll: Thankfully with the low down torque she doesn't have to change gear too often...40kms hr in 4th gear: not a problem :shock: (it's been quite a while since she's driven a manual car...like about 35 yrs!)


As for recommendations for tassie roads..well, they are probably the best driving roads in the country...and if you're driving french you can fully enjoy/appreciate every twist & turn! When the 182 was launched, the press drives were held in Tassie over some superb east coast roads (I found the maps in the glovebox of the press car) ..up through St marys and elephant pass...a clio, meggie or alpine ...or spider would be pure bliss to drive over here...but I have a ball in the fugs too :twisted: The east or west coast are where the best drives are...west coast has better roads but slower vehicles/obstacles. Tassie roads can be quite dangerous due to obstacles, road flaws, animals, and tassie drivers + tourists and log trucks...you have to keep your wits about you 24/7 as the last thing you'd expect is likely to happen. However imagine a reefton spur run that goes for 6 hours ...or great ocean road with a 100km/hr limit for 4 hrs + and if you do it mid-week there's not so many cars to annoy. plus some great wineries, beaches, cheese factories, craft shops, chocolate factories, cherry, apple, lavendar and raspberry farms and scenery along the way. ...It's a hard life down here :wink:


:hyper: Hi Sam! *waves madly* :mrgreen:



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dear god dude, I hope you're alright after the horse accident!


meh, these things happen :? ...and it could have been a lot worse :wink:

apart from cabin fever from being made to lie down & do nothing for 3-4 weeks...I'm actually pretty good! I'm on strong painkillers so can't really feel a thing and I can still walk! :hyper: just have to take it easy for a while & not do anything silly :roll: and it should knit up like new, as the fractures are quite stable (fractured L1 & L2 ventrally, for those who like comparing battle scars :P )

my mum flew over from Melbourne to look after me & I'm being spoilt rotten! :P


I also had my first ever ride in an ambulance, my first taste of morphine (over-rated!) and a really cute ambo attending me...so there's always pluses :lol:




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Thanks rmadrid-182 :) ...I can actually remember the early days of ozRS ...luckily the fugs has been given the title of honorary RS after a couple of drive days :thanks: (and I have had the chance to play with a few of the genuine articles in the past) :twisted:


FTJ ...I hope it ends up ok too...hoping my riding days aren't over :cry: probably won't be getting back on 1Hp for a while though...have to be content with 110 @ 1010kgs ....if I emptied the hatch of wood & sundry junk I could probably get it under the tonne :lol: ...one of these days I'm going to attempt to get a 'play' fugs slimmed down to about 850kg if I can :wink::headbang: but having been a student for the past 3 years requires that I spend a few years repairing the bank balance before I get to play.


... goes to show tho...it's not actually how many horses you've got...it's what you do with them that counts :lol:



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