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What should I do with my money?


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Gee, what a dilemma.


I probably have $34-38k to spend.

I've currently got a Citroen Xsara VTS, 2002, 220,000KM and it still goes hard.


I want to attack those corners hard, get from point a to point b along a twisty mountainous road as if I were flying in a straight line in a mig jet. :wanker:


Do I:

- Upgrade the Xsara (~$10k). It's already got 220k KM on it, so it's about time for the electrics to start packing it in I'd think. It's been super reliable and it holds its ground against a highly modified GTIR, except the lack of boost obviously.

- Megane Sport 225

F1 Team with 24,000KM for $26,500

Sport cup with 45,000KM for $27,990

Heavier than a clio, but turbo charged. Not as quick through corners, but quicker out I'd imagine?


- Megane R26

There's one black one on carsales atm for $39,000 with 11,000KM. Gee, could you go wrong? Maybe a bit too high for my budget, but there couldn't be a better car for the money. Tyres last me 20,000KM on the Xsara and it is a daily driver. Granted they're only 15", but I could not afford to be changing them twice a year at $600 a corner!


- Clio 197

I'm sure I could get one of these for $30k driveaway, so it's certainly the cheapest option, but is it the best?



- Clio R27

This thing is hot. I could get yellow, but then that's the same colour as Dad's R26 and I do like the look of the white (haven't seen in person yet). What's the availability of these things? How cheap could I get one, $38k driveaway out of the picture? Only downside is it's even smaller than the xsara for any passengers and cargo, I do like to put the child seat in the back every once in a while.

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Voting for a new Clio.

- 197 Fantastic price, great for re-sale if done in the next few years. Good overall package. Comfort and sport.

- R27 Most here (including myself) would vote for this one as because it is "as above" but better.


HOWEVER!!!... have you seen this yet?



Question: will you be selling or trading your Xsara? I assume that was already factored in when establishing a budget?

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R26 is hard to go past for out and out performance.


R27 for sheer sex appeal (in white) or to match your old man's R26 (in yellow).


197 to do most of what an R27 can do (minus the seats, ultimate grip levels and white/yellow option


182 Cup with ITBs, ASTs, buckets, Turinis and Quaife for forum cred... 8)

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182 Cup with ITBs, ASTs, buckets, Turinis and Quaife for forum cred... 8)




Actually, not a bad project idea.

So many options available to you, whatever you choose, it'll be the right choice.

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182 Cup with ITBs, ASTs, buckets, Turinis and Quaife for forum cred... 8)




182 Cup = 17k (can be a bit worn around the edges)

ITB setup - 8k for ITB kit, ECU, tune,

AST - 3k fitted with Adj top mounts)

Buckets - 3k fitted

Turinis - 1600

Quaife - 3k fitted.


Whatda know 36k for a balltearer :D

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depends on what you put on the car re tyres.


PS2's in Aus are certianly expensive but wth the dollar as it is at the moment you can get some great prices on the same / similar performance tyres from the US including shipping.


for instance 235/40/18 PS2 are $264 US each. So even if you got stung with customs it would be circa $1550 US delivered or around $1700 AUD..?


As for corner speed...Joey is a good 3-4 seconds quicker around a track that a std clio...

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Is that extra speed a result of exit speed and straight line speed?


$1700 + fitting still works out a lot more than I'm currently paying.


195/55/15 RE001 Adrenaline for $155ea fitted/balanced. That's $620 for all four. I get about 20,000KM on the Xsara, although perhaps I'd get more on the R26 given it's bigger wheels and LSD.

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Having spent a bit of time in a Xsara VTS, including a track day, I can assure you that as good as the Xsara is, you'll be more than happy with any of the options you're looking at. If you're really big on torque/driveabilty, maybe go the Meggy, but if you enjoy ringing and engine's neck for pleasure you couldn't go past a 197 in any spec. All options will be comfortably quicket than the VTS around a track, even in stock street trim.

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