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Hi all,


My name is Jav and I have recently purchased a Clio 172 with 60000kms and really enjoy driving this car more than my 07 golf gti which I also love. The fun factor is really high for the clio and you don't have to drive it that fast to really enjoy this baby. I love the growl it makes when you give it some poke.

I am happy to be part of the forum and would enjoy sharing information with all you out there.


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Welcome aboard, i second the comments above...would love to hear more since i'm on the hunt and would like to know what people are getting for they're dollar.

Pics are always good.



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Thanks guys,

I'm located in Melbourne and my baby is Flame Red in color and purchased it a few months ago for $12750 drive away from Werribee Nissan with 57000km on the clock-now it has 60000km

I also have a 09 Golf GTI Pirelli edition that I didn't mention -Reflex Silver and now my wife drives the 07 Golf GTI -Black Magic in color after I purchased the Pirelli, and will post some pics of them all when I get a chance.

Although the GTI's are brilliant I enjoy driving the Clio more as it is just so much fun and has better steering feel, cornering, engine note and especially how it absorbs the bumps and potholes for a car that just weighs a tone is remarkable - the Golfs are good in that respect also.

I prefer driving the clio most of the time. It's a great drivers car and at the moment I think I will never sell it ,honestly that's how much I love it.

The GTI's are faster (The Pirelli more so as it has 169kw compared to 147kw for the standard GTI), more refined and classy but the Clio has won my heart!

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