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Someday soon

Dr P

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Weeell even though I have posted a thread and had some other posts I thought I should start here.


I am looking to get into a Megane Sport sometime soon but I am really not being spoiled for choice down here in Melbs atm. That said I have my eye on 2 of them but one dealer is basically a prick and the other one doesn't really think I am serious.


Anyway, hopefully I will catch up with photos of a new ride soon!!!


Just an odd q Can somebody link or post pics of a Ph1 and Ph2 megane so I can see the diffs as what I have heard described confuses me.

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The fog lights are recessed into the lower bumper on the Ph2 whilst on the Ph1 they protrude.


Ph1 http://www.meganesport.net/community/sh ... hp?t=31802


Ph2 http://www.automobile-sportive.com/guid ... rs-ph2.php


Also the phII front grill is more angled, and the rear tail lights have a horizontal clear patch (phI is vertical).


Good luck with your search!

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hope to see you in a meggy soon mate!




-front bumper features as described above

- rear tail lights

- wheels on the non cup (phase 1 non cup have clio 182 looking wheens, where as the phase 2 non cup have similar looking wheels to the clio 197!)

- ph2 don't get cool orange seat belts like the phase 1's!

- interior is slightly different coloured, and speedo is different on the phase 2

- ph1s are hotter.........

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These are the rims I am referring to as dorky.


http://www.netcarshow.com/renault/2004- ... per_01.htm


I think 182 owners might resent that... :wink:

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ph1 - sorry but the wheels are dated and the front is relatively dorky - but I guess they are cheaper! :)


It's the first time I've seen a comment about the front of a Megane being dorky. You obviously haven't looked at the back of the car.

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Hope its not a sign of things to come but my rear "diamond" badge went missing on Sat night.


Was none too impressed when I discover it Sun Morning.... Off to the spare parts division for me again...


Get a price and part number... i can look into that for you. For some reason though, the badges seem to be high in price no matter it's sourced from. Either way, let me know if i can help.




UPDATE: yep, just i thought. $74 from me, and $74 from Renault arpound the corner. Sorry i couldn't help.

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