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Noob from Melbourne. 05' RSC 182 in lovely FRB.


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hey gang, as soon as i got my new 182, i jumped on to see if there were any good forums going around and voila, here i am.. had the car close to 3 months now, receiving car with 37k on the clock, and now up to 46k, totally impressed with handling, braking, and ability as a sleeper (can it still be a sleeper with the stripes though?)


Did the AAMI driver safety course in it recently too (and therefore enjoyed my 10% premium rebate), and it blitzed everybody in the cornering and braking safety sections as well as gave me the bug for a bit more advanced training..


many thanks already to those from the forum for all the tips and tricks, prices, and directions for best places for a tune-up. in fact im taking it to Alpine affaire on mon for cam/aux change and service, with quote for 700 for cam/aux change alone. hopefully will enjoy a drive-day soon as well


as my first car of any worth, the 182 has thrilled me thus far, especially above 5k rpm.., though i have learnt to not poke the bear when the engine is cold.. flat spot in power 3-4ish when cold. unfortunately auto-headlights stopped working about 3 days ago.. im sure ill find the answer in the forums somewhere.


hope to meet other ozRSC'ers in the flesh soon!

cheers, Scott

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if you run a search on the headlights its been disucssed recently.


Method to turn on the auto functiion again is:

Turn ignition to "on position"

Turn headlights to parkers/full (cant remember which one)

Turn headlights off.

Repeat the on/off of the lights again.

At the end it should go beep, this means the auto lights are back on again.

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Welcome! Glad to see you're enjoying the wee beastie so much 8)


If you go with white stripes on the FRB, it will definitely stand out a little more but I've got Anthracite stripes on my Arctic Blue & it's a lot more subtle!




PS. Auto-headlights? Just turn them on yourself! :wink:

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Welcome to the community!


Colin will look after your beast, and $700 for the aux/cam change is pretty good.


If you're interested in getting into some more club-level motorsport in and around Melbourne, drop me a PM, I'm more than happy to steer you in the right direction :wink:


Glad you are enjoying the wee beast. Not sure you can claim sleeper status in your car, but it is fun, isn't it :twisted:

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it took some research to even actually hear of the 182, i just wanted something quick but economical. i first just punched GTI into carpoint with a budget of 20k (paid 22k in the end..) and read a bunch of reviews, which tended to have the clio comparing favourably with the pug gti 180, and the golf does tend now to be quite the commoner...

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