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Never owned a Renault before


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Always had a bit of a soft spot for Clio Sports and after talking to Bryan at the last NSW Dutton, I finally bought the ebay wreck thats been around for 8 months.


Should have it home this week, then Ill strip the crap panels have Parramatta Prestige fix it, give it to my daughter to test drive for a few weeks and then turn it into a Targa Tas car.


So 2010 or 2011 Im hoping to do targa in a Clio.

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Good choice on Parra prestige. From those in the industry im told its one of the better ones in Western Sydney.


Targa would be immense. good luck with the prep. Im sure you will find some great knowledge and advice on the site.


PS i was at Oran Prak to watch Bryan in the Dutton, were you competing or just watching?

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Ive done targa twice before in my evo.


last year I competed in the Dutton in a blue evo 9 cs, this year the white evo 9 rs was not ready so I took the ute.

Ive always been car 25 in every east coast dutton.

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Welcome! When you get it fixed up, paint it white :wink:


Looking forward to the progress updates.



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