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Hello People,

Just a quick post to say hello to all on board. Hoping to see if i can catch up with anyone, especially those who like to do mountain runs/passes Nebo and Glorious way. Usually shoot for 7am starts myself.

Also have some interesting news for all... but will save that for another post.

Brief History:

- had a 03 Silver RSC 172, modded it a little, sold it due to baby for a Black Swift

- boy now 2, sold swift

- got a 04 Black RSC 172 - stock for now.... happy when driving again.

Anywayzzz... that's it for now, feel free to touch base on all things mountain.

See ya when i'm looking at ya.

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hi Wolf,


welcome to the forum... I guess you can likened a group of RSCs like a pack.. hunting down much higher priced exotics on the tarmac ... :)

enjoy the beasty.. I've only been to the Rockhampton area once, you'll have to let us know which are good driving roads up there...

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Not in Rockhampton buddy, i'm in Brisbane.

...And you?


Isn't Nebo out Rockhampton way? Never mind, any good set of long uncongested twisties will do...


I'm in Sydney, the usual twisties here are the Old Pac, the Nasho and Mac-Pass/Kangaroo Valley..


Did you trade in your first RSC for economical reasons? I can't imagine a Swift being that much bigger than a Clio, besides the Renaults usually have a much better safety rating.

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