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quick hello, new in town


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Ok I am new in town. I've got a 2002 Black Clio Sport, license place SN08RD. Fairly low klms.


These forums are great, already on my first visit I've found some good tips to fix up my car. I suffer from the Oxidised headlights, a speedo that comes on and off like it pleases and a leaking wiper washer tank. I can't wait to fix the headlights as they really make the car look bad. And fix the speedo, try drivng past a speed camera without a working speedo.


The Clio is such a fun car to drive, in winter I am down at the snowy montains almost every weekend, and it is great fun on the windy mountain roads. I just wish the car was a bit more reliable. I've had quite some problems -- some I belive are due to Rick Damelian stuffing up my timing belt change. (Long story for another time) Hopefully a new mechanic for its next service will make it run more reliably (I got recommended a guy out in Granville.)


Recently it has developed two new probems that I kinda live with, heavy rain is leaking into the drivers footwell. And it does not always start when on a hill (turns over but feels like no fuel - fuel pump?) so I just roll it onto a flat (I park up on the kurb at my house).


Actually I want to thank the guy who gave me a card with this website on it back in December. He jumped out of his 4x4 (I think it was a pathfinder) at the lights on Wattle St going onto Parramatta Rd in Ashfield, Sydney. Back then I was just about to go away and have only just got back.


Anyhow maybe I'll catch up at one of the social events.



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Welcome George! I'm trying to figure out your licence plate:


- Snow Ate R.D. (Rick Damelian)

- Snob R.D. (warning to others :wink: )

- Snow Bird ??


Depending where you are located, the legend of RSC servicing, Paul V, is in Carlton and will be able to help you with any problems 8)


The leaks in the footwell - I know this has been reported on before (run a search if you get a chance) but IIRC it has something to do with a clogged water drain under the black plastic at the bottom of the windscreen.


Nutter in 4x4 - think that has to be Moosey 8)


I am sure that others will be along shortly to help you with you other problems.


Enjoy the site!




PS. We're having a social meet @ Waitara Renault this coming Sunday 26th to check out the R27, go for a quick convoy drive & come back for a BBQ. You're welcome to come along & meet some forum members. Hopefully see you there :headbang:

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If I am about I'll pop in Sunday. I'm going outside now to check my windscreen; I am over drying out the carpets.


My plate, well I am down at the snow every weekend in winter (and away in summer for a bit) as my daughter is trying to go pro in Snowboarding, it's supposed to be SNOWBOARD abbreviated SN08RD (so it’s still a normal plate) but alas when I got it my aunty said, hmm, snob road.

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Where abouts to do you ski in Aus & where abouts overseas?? 8)

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