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It's going to be tough but its something i have to do....


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I've decided that ive had enough of my terrible spelling in the majority of forum posts.

Most are made in a quick 30 sec break at work with no time to review and correct.


however with internet access at the hotel im hoping to correct these while away, all 3500 of them!


Wish me luck!

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Rather you distill the 47 pages of Clio II mods :wink:

I think that would be of greater service to all (yep, inc me since warranty runs out in a few days!)


We can live with the spelling 8)

It's part of who you are after all - and I for one have come to accept the challenge of making sense of what you've written :D

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Just list em all mate, perhaps to be combined later with subjective ratings from those that have fitted them?


ive made a starting point at the end of the thread, someone will have to maybe move it to the front? however i still need access to the post...


can this be done :P

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