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  1. i want one to im in northern nsw can i pay direct deposit and get one or two sent to me.with thanks
  2. my 182 cup

    Ive been around the forum for a long time but finally got my a*** into one.I couldn't be happier with it picked it up on Monday.
  3. hey guys

    i live in the beautiful coffs coast region lots of great drives but devoid of any clios, think i may have found one will keep you posted cant wait.
  4. hey guys

    hate to tell you what im upgrading from but done the v8 thing and many in between my wife has a golf nice to drive but.wanted a clio sport for years but needed those extra doors my old man has a megane and mum has a laguna must run in the family my wife and kids say im somewhat obsessed with getting one and there probably right.Last week there was a 2002 with 30k in sydney for20500 was ready to fly down but was gone in two days but it was the best bargain i had seen so still looking.
  5. hey guys

    Been reading forum for months glad to be in on in the market for a 02 03 172 but finding it very hard on the noth coast to get to either sydney or brisbane to see any, driven a couple and really keen to hopefully soon i can be talking about my clio as passionately as you guys love reading all the stuff on this great forum,never done this so take it easy on me.