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OzRS Nationals Photo CD and other thoughts...


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Hi All.


Provided all the photographers whos photos are on the CD agreed, would it be feasible to sell copies of the CD to folks who couldn't go to the Nats to help raise a bit of money for the site.


Reason I ask is I was chatting to someone who couldn't attend the event, and we both kind of agreed that excluding the people who couldn't / didn't attend isn't necessarily the best way of encouraging them to come along next time.


(Must admit, I felt a bit this way last year, as I couldn't go and the whole thing seemed a bit "in the club"by to me...)


Let em see what a good time we had, and raise some money too......


Is it a good idea or not.....+s ? -s ?



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If we were to sell CDs to non-attendees then I'd prefer if all rego plates were edited out of all images, and that would take some doing! Reason being is that some people are sensitive about having their cars that are still covered under warranty from being identified at track events.


But I do see your points. I think it would work only if all attendees were in agreeance, and any pics with anyone who wasn't in agreeance were removed from the final non-attendee edition.

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