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why do my threads stay unread?


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Ever since the upgrade all the threads that i havent read stay yellow (unread)


in the old forum if i closed the page down and reopened or even just hit F5 all the threads would become read, is there anyway to change this on the new forum? its quite annoying as i dont want to read all the posts on here lol but all the threads i havent opened are showing up as unread even after a refresh


Do you guys get what i mean? lol

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The new feature allows you to come back to unread posts at a future visit. It peed me off on the old site when I had to log off before I'd checked out all of the threads that I was interested in, and lost the highlighting. When using a wireless card or tethered modem on my laptop, it also appeared to drop in and out all the time with the same result. So with the new format we have best of both worlds now. Happy daze.

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