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New 225 guy


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heya all, i just found this forum... how nice to find more 225 drivers out there.


Ive had my 22 now for almost 2 months, and besides a few (ongoing) teething problems, I love the car.


I drive the black gold thing possibly sighted buzzing about the 'shire'.


I rang renault about my adv. driving course.. apparently they will ring me back. Maybe i should of mentioned this forum? :lol: or would i have been hung up on? :shock:


later all



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Welcome Doc. I am still trying my hardest to get the course out of Renault after 5 months so don't give up! Make sure you check out the Social Events section mate! French Car Day next weekend and karting the weekend after that...

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excellent, just received the notification from Murcotts. Whats the go with 40 psi in the front and rear tyres that they request? I would have assumed manuf. directions would be better than a generic 40. But anywho..




who else is going on the 12th?


See you there ClioF1




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