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Members Rides section and Media (?) section


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Hey admins. Something I've been thinking about for a while and thought I'd put it out there. I don't know if you've seen but I really like the Media section of Cliosport.net which has 3 sections - Clios, Clio projects, other cars stuff.


I sometimes can't figure out where to post piccies of a photoshoot, drive day etc - for example, my thread about the TRAX car show in 'non-renault car stuff' - and think it would be great to have a more dedicated media section 'cause I know there's a lot of avid photographers out there.


Another thing (and yes I read the NOTE in Members Rides) is I'd love to have comments enabled in Members Rides (and if there were to be a media section) as from a photographic point of view I like to read feedback and suggestions on my photos to help improve my technique, and also to open up more detailed avenues for discussion on each others cars and any progress on mods etc.


I don't know what the implications would be for bandwith usage etc. but as pics are hosted off-site, surely it wouldn't be too bad?? Besides, we are a small forum (unlike CS.net) so I'd like to think they wouldn't go too OT.


Anyway, just a small snack for your brains.




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We are hoping to implement a better gallery plug in, something in the vein of Flickr, to enable this functionality in the near future. I'm at the front of the queue eagerly waiting for it, believe me!!

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I'm at the front of the queue eagerly waiting for it, believe me!!


Thought you would be! 8)

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