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New member bensung wants in


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OK, he's in now - apologies for the delay but it's a PIA wading through all the freakin spammers still.


I very rarely log into AF these days...


I'm so sure I posted up something a couple of months back about requesting newbies to email me to have their membership approved until the forum upgrade takes place. Cannot find that post now - odd.

In any case, it would be handy if newbies filled in location details and interests as we will generally overlook any that are left blank or filled with garbage data.

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OK, I have edited the 3 Announcements for new members to see... in the meantime I have approved around 15 or so new members from the last 3 weeks (didn't have time to look further back).


Please, everyone, if you hear of anyone needing their membership approved just let me know their username and I'll take it from there.


Thanks in advance :D

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