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enter...devil woman


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so i the little RSC has finally won over my (awesome) GF.

she is now the proud owner of a monaco blue 172.

as soon as she sat in one that was not stripped out for racing she was won over.

i'm sure she will soon beon to say hello. although i guess all her technical questions will be answered by me :D

it needs new wheels and we are thinking of these

http://www.tempetyres.com.au/products_c ... art_no=473 in 16"

or these

http://www.tempetyres.com.au/products_c ... rt_no=1429 in 15"

she and i both like them

any thoughts??

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Lol. Shes only just got the car and you've corrupted her to mod it already :lol:


I say go with the 16's. They look a little chunkier and would fill out the guards nicer. If you go with the 15's you may as well stay with the stock wheels. The visual benefits would'nt be significant.





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Handling and ride changes slightly going from 15" to 16". If you can, fit the 16" and take it for a blat and make sure you like the changes before you go for it.


Congrats on the "conversion" - we need more RS Women on here :wink:

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