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Super forum with some great ideas


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I've just joined the french team r8.com forum. They have some great ideas including "localisation" You locate yourself on a google maps globe and other menbers can see where you live ( so that people living within driving distance can get together.) At the moment there are only 2 members in Australia ( me and someone in Melbourne).


The use of symbols & icons is amazing ( they use Renault r8 taillights and front indicators as signals for new posts and updates)



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Thanks Robert - for anyone interested in checking it out, the link is http://www.team-r8.com


It's a little - umm - "kitsch" for my liking I guess. Seems a little too nostalgic for our more modern vehicles :D

I like how the mouse icon changes to a Renault diamond though! That's uber cool :wink:


Brendan (exstatic) is sorting out our forum upgrade which is due shortly. We'll see what other things we can incorporate in due course.

Dunno about the google map location thing - some of our members prefer privacy, and places like "under your bed" will be difficult to pinpoint LOL

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