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Hello All. New 182 Cup member in Sydney.

Steve W

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I am looking for advice on servicing the above.I have previously owned one of these vehcles before and had absolutely no trouble with it apart from a new battery that was required when the vehicle was 10 months old.


So for my second 182Cup which i intend to keep i would like to make some modifications.

What i would like to know is,are there any enthusiast service workshops in or around the Sydney area for Renaultsport vehicles ?

Additionally i would like to lower the current ride height 30/40mm and have the camber adjustment bolts fitted.

Could somebody please recommend a company or person who could carry out this conversion and contct names and numbers please.

Thanks in anticipation.

Steve W.

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Welcome to the forum mate :D


what colour is the beast? :)



As Gryffin said, Paul V Ren Mech, as he is known on here is a very popular choice - he is located in carlton now i think


Waitara Renault is also a great place to go - Miles the mechanic there has a great rep :)


Majority of Sydney RS owners visit either Paul or Waitara


Lincorp is also pretty good aswell


Also, there is a new one opened up in Mascot which have had a pretty good rap too




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I think his new number is 9546 4006, he called me yesterday poor guy hasn't taken his 182 out of the garage for 7 months that's how busy he is. But e might make the effort to come down to the hil climb next sunday.


Good luck with your new car mate and welcome to the forum.

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