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Another Adelaide RSC 172 owner


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Hi Folks


Picked up a stock, 2003, low mileage (42,000Km), burgundy RSC 172 a few weeks ago, after looking for 'bang for your bucks' value. Parents in Melbourne are some of those 'eccentrics' who drive non RS renaults (Scenic, Clio), so got some advice through Alpine Affaire. Test drove a few, sussed around Melbourne (BTW there's an excellent one in Melbourne: 03, but not registered until Feb 2005 so still under new car warranty), then scored this one - much easier than importing from Melbourne. I think best advice I got was buy as new and as low km as you can afford, so I paid top $, but think I've got a good one.


Live in Fairview Park, commute to Salisbury every day, so it's not going to get 1000's more miles on it. Gotta say that for a car that will turn 7l/100km round town, it certainly gets up and goes in the hills. Took it up through Gumeracha, Birdwood, Mt Pleasant & Walker Flat last weekend - what a buzz! Haven't driven a car like that since I got rid of my 1970 MkII Cooper S - it's like one of those but with the 21st century refinements!


Looks like this site is a great resource for owners, given the quirks and eccentricities of the car/dealers/owners - was a Calibra owner before ($$$$$$), so know all about rip-off pricing (high mount tail light bulb: $40), cam belt failure & bizarre behaviour.


Car is just on 4 years old (11/03) - has not had accessory belt or cam belt done, so that's due for January - Greg at MNR sounds OK. However, MNR did service the car at 7/07, when it was 3.5 years old but did not replace the accessory belt - maybe they assumed it had been done in Melbourne, where the car came from. But when I queried the original dealer (and only servicer, just 1 simple phone call), nothing like that had been done. At least the car is still under the 3 months warranty should anything go pear shaped (or snap, bang, crunch, bend, bend, bend).


So..question...is there anything else that's worth checking before the 3 months warranty is up? The ABS/ESP lights have come on a couple of times, so that needs sorting - one of the sensors, no doubt.


It's also a bit hard to start occasionally, but never needed more than 2 attempts, so not overly concerned unless otherwise advised.


Anyway, see you on the road....don't have a lot of time for events (young family, me just a taxi driver), but could be persuaded because it's great to drive. Also gotta see if I can fit 15 soccer balls + training gear + 2 kids in the back of an RSC.....



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Hi Gav! I'm at Surrey Downs :mrgreen: ..and have had the whole Renault Family thing for 30 yrs or more. I would be more than happy to catch up today / tomorrow or otherwise to run you through the car and expose the knowledge I have picked up over the last 2 yrs. I know what will likely fix the double start issue and we can do it in 10 mins.


I have previously owned 3 other renaults. My dad is in Vic and has had many Renaults over the years so he may know your parents as it's a small Renault community. There is a house in Fairview Park that used to have a few Renaults out the front..may be yours?


I have diagnostic software as well to run on the car but can tell you more later about it as again it will take a few minutes rather than 400 written words.


Great to have another RSC fan nearby! David (murcod) lives in Golden Grove & 'Qubic' ..Chris at Para Hills. I live in the section of Surrey downs behind the soccer ovals :wink:


If your car is from MNR then I was looking at it the other day.


Anyway welcome to the 'dark side' and am looking frwds to catching up.


(edit...added the below)


A starter pack for you :wink:


Common RSC issues - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... php?t=1884


RSTuner - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... php?t=7668


Starting problem - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... hlight=tdc


I have a tech manual for the F4R engine as well. PM me your e-mail and I will send it to you.


Greg from MNR is a buddy of mine and he comes out on the social days occasionally. Good guy to know..especially with a 'belt' job on the way. You can get the aux belt and tensioner on e-bay for 0.25 of the dealer price so that's worth the effort as it will save you about $500 dollars ($400 is the tensioner but you don't really need to change that unless it's stuffed but it's a good policy to change it anyway)..hope the supplier still has them :)


Also get your self the Haynes Manual for the Clio. Does not specifically cover the RSC but does all other versions and they are essentially the same car. So the Haynes with the above mentioned manual and you're away.


Also to save a lot of wading through posts if you are going to tweek the car - these are IMHO the cheapest and best value mods you can do - Whiteline rear sway bar and front camber bolts, panel filter, remove acoustic valve, install cold air intake, buy the RSTuner software for.. diags, data logging and Group N remap (under $300 all up), good tyres, replace spkrs with quality units, load up the stacker and you are away! 8) 7 ltrs / 100 k's....0-100K's in 7 seconds...simply sensational :mrgreen: Yes I am a family man and 39 yrs old but this car made me do it... :P


Cheerio, Jamie

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Welcome Gav.............you've got lucky............

1.buying it

2.getting on the forum


life's just going to get better


happy 2008


look forward to meeting you soon


cheers pete

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Yes, this one has ESP. MNR had a black 2002 without, or this late 2003 with, so got this one. Preferred the clutch on the 02 though - much more feel to it.


Has anyone ever modded or adjusted the clutch to provide all the action closer to the firewall?


Will catch up once I get back from Melbourne - it's great to see an enthusiastic community.


Good to see someone else with a Lancia Beta as well.



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Welcome from another newby. I'd say we'll be on a similar path with our mods over time, as I also have the 172.


Thanks for the heads up on the timing belt, Jamie. Any particular supplier on eBay we should be looking for. Perhaps a group buy on timing belt replacements through MNR :mrgreen:

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Welcome from another newby. I'd say we'll be on a similar path with our mods over time, as I also have the 172.


Thanks for the heads up on the timing belt, Jamie. Any particular supplier on eBay we should be looking for. Perhaps a group buy on timing belt replacements through MNR :mrgreen:


Hi..it's just the aux belt kit. You do the aux belt at the same time as the timing. Qubic got a kit off e-bay. I saw it at work and Greg mentioned it's the real deal and VERY cheap. Try Qubic for a link? Pm him.


If you replace the aux belt only it is $30 through the dealer (cam belt kit $237)..but if you replace the aux belt tensioner (optional) too..that's an additional $400 through the dealer. Off e-bay the aux belt and tensioner was like..$140 all up. Maybe they are all sold now?



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no, wasn't me...been in Melbourne without the car for the past week :(


Good to get back into it, although it's developed a bit of a miss during normal driving. Needs a service anyway soon - wonder if it's related to the two start thing...

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I had something similiar whci we found out to be a crimp on an injector socket. Remove the funny little inj cover casting and have a look. You'll need a small double knuckle socket to get the cover off.

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