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Me new bie !! :D


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Yo guyz,


Newbie over here.

How are you guyz?


I have not own any renault car. However, currently own a '04 mini cooper S


I'm planning to change my mini to renault RS megane 225 cup or R26.


Just wondering, anyone encounter any common problem on either one of the models?








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hi yogiers

i have an R26 and as far as i'm concerned the bees knees.

There are a few issues with meganes and i actually posted a thread to that regard - http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... php?t=7640

but bear in mind that the good points far outweigh the bad ones, of course, or we wouldn't be here in the first place :)

You won't be disappointed with a Megane Sport

Best regards


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can't help with that mate as i've only had the car since september.

Some of the fellas with a 225 with a good 40k-50k will know better.

I generally fill her up once a week and have so far averaged 11.6litres/100km (that's with a heavy right foot).

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no - no mods at all. Personally i wouldn't want to change anything, but some of the guys have done so; check the Megane section for very detailed accounts of their work

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