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Welcome Snoop!


IIRC the owner is certainly on here 8) but I shall allow them to introduce themselves.


Take the plunge, you won't regret it! :wink:



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Hi snoopy


Would be good to get another SA owner / driver on the rd and website :mrgreen:


As Alex said you won't regret it if you are after a 'drivers car'..these cars are made to drive :wink: top of their NA class even yrs after being introduced and even the 'forced induction' crowd IMO.


Let's us all know if you go that way. Private mail me if you are going to negotiate with them at MNR as I got mine there. I'll give you some tips (this is important) :wink:

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Hi Snoopy, good luck with your buy, Gonz's Cup is a very good car I believe, it never had any serious problems, and MNR will look after you well

Having said that, I'd be ruthless with them on price, as they must be sick to death of seeing it on their stock list incurring floor plan interest daily.............they'll cut their losses to quit it, don't let them bluff you.

My 2 Cups have been 99.9 %faultless, superbly reliable cars which get caned without mercy


Murcod's right(as always) about tyres BUT, search this Forum, there's plenty of excellent tyres which suit up to 8/10th's driving beautifully and cheap as mid$100's

Before I sold my Black Cup to Phil, I fitted a pair of top spec Goodridges to the rear(approx$215 ea), and they matched the front factory Michelins superbly at any speed.


cheers pete

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