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idea from a newbie


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hey, just joined but am a member of a few forums and not for profit sites like this


a great site that has a really basic format but works amazingly well is




this just have a newsletter style front page that gets updated, but all the real action is in the forums, same as here


if you had some regular stream of information and a few photos, it would be great to read the latest goss on the front page before going into the forums.

don't know anything about web page making, but it looks like a fairly simple site to me.


see what you think, have a look at how they do it (mind u they have thousands upon thousands of hits every day from all over the world)




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Thanks for the suggestion, WOBBLE. I really like this idea. Maybe one day we'll get there, but as ClioF1 says, it will require a dedicated soul (or two, or three) to keep it up to date and relevant.

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