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Guest MikeKnoche

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Guest MikeKnoche

Tried to enter site, which usually happens automatically. Got message to say I needed to login. Of course I had no memory of my password as it is a year since I used it (joined July 8, 06) got a new password but that failed, so requested another new password and that also failed.

Have I upset the gods of Cliodom??

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Interestingly, on another computer on wireless network with the one on which I couldn't get in I've just come in with no problem.


Go figure.


Anyhow Admins don't worry about it now, cos we are all going to watch 5th Gear in a few minutes.

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No. And have no problem on this computer, using the original info, logs in automatically.


On the other computer (my main one) have now had 3 new passwords issued and each time I get the message "you have used an incorrect or inactive user name or password"


Only possible explanation is that there was a power outage on that computer before the problems occured but no other regular logins have been affected.


I assume that my user name continues as "Knoche" and have followed the process for entering the new passwords, when each didn't work is when I requested the next. Tried today with one issued yesterday and got something like "invalid password" which is when I requested the third, which gave me the "you have used an incorrect or inactive user name or password" again.


S'pose I could just use this computer, but it is inconvenient.



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Maybe clear the cookies and temp internet files and all that rubbish, I had a similar problem.


Or try using different browser, ie mozilla


Reset Safari and had the same problem. Tried Firefox and everything seems fine.


Don't understand any of this! But bought my first Mac in 1984 cos one didn't need to understand computers to use one and whilst Macs have become more complex in the last 23 years my knowledge of the subject remained static.


Thanks for your help Tom

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