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Renaultsport.com and Oreca. Anyone bought from them?


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Just wondering if anyone has bought from either renaultsport.com or Orecastore.com and what your experience was like. I am looking at importing a wheel. Any ideas on the freight cost and time taken to ship. Appreciate any input.

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I've purchased two lots of things from them. Inclucing wheels.
Based on what I was told by a representative. Oreca are the distributer/logistics partner on behalf of Renault.
Their warehouse is just north of Circuit Paul Ricard.

Anything advertised on shop.renaultsport.com can also be bought on en.oreca-store.com.
Cross-check between the two. As I have caught them out on differentiating prices between the two sites (a sale was taking place on oreca at the time but the renaultsport store showed no sign of this). 
Responses to any questions you may have do come back in fairly broken/basic english.
Specifically the wheels that I got (for a clio 2). They are genuine and have all the correct part numbers.

Shipping wasn't exactly cheap.
For the first purchase. A set of four wheels. Freight was €478 mid 2022. 
For the second purchase. Assortment of bits (dimensionally longer than the wheels, but less volume and mass). Freight was €232 mid 2023. 
If over $1000. Then you need to add import duty (5%), GST (total value including freight) and sometimes processing fees ($50-90)
Can get quite expensive quite quick 😅

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