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just saying welcome


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Hello everybody


I am writing to this website from greece.

i own a Renault 19 1400cc Energy type.

Any one with the saem car??


How is going down there??

Australia I saw hmm

Although my father was born there I 've never been there


so don't think I 'm stupid when writing in english doing plenty of mistakes.

I do not speak english every day..


So glad to find you..



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what is a borat?


Welcome to the forum mate, it's great to here from people overseas, don't worry about your english I speak it every day and my posts are full of typos :P


Borat is a character from a movie, the guy is English his name is Sasha Baron Cohen.


Enjoy the site.

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@The Jeffster


So he/she told that because i Sound like an English??

Also,nice avatar

I do use the same in some forums!


Thanks mate, I hunt around for cool avatars sometimes when I get bored and i like to change my signature a lot :P


The actor is english but the character he play speaks "broken english" it's part of why he's funny :P


I love the broken english post, I think it's very cool that you make the effort to post all the way from Greece. Apperently there are more Greeks in Melbourne than in Athens, or something like that I have heard don't know if it's true.


Anyway enjoy the site.

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well i believe tha there are many greek people down there especially in sidney .

even my uncle lives still there but never met him when he is coming to greece..


To main point

is there any problem that i own a car earlier than 2000??

Here in greece if you wanna have a car ready to travel you mustn;t have the newest one...

You will find it smashed,crashed,whatever.


Ah who is the administrator here?

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No mate it no problem that your car is older, all are welcome :P


It's just that most of the discussions on here are about Clio 172, 182 and Megane 255, 230 so not a lot on older cars.


See the Other Renault Vehicles section and there is a bit in there


If your interested in researching about the Clio than this is a good spot, along with places like www.cliosport.net


Enjoy your stay :P

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Some pics here.




Can we see some pictures of your car somewhere? My sister-in-law (wife's sister) owns a 19 too, but hers is 1700cc.


Do you hope to own a RenaultSport type car soon?

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