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2022 Megane


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Have just sold my Clio Phase 3 2012 model. Mind-blowing car. MIxed feelings at best about handing it over. But about to move into a 2021 Megane Trophy auto (first bought in 2022). Does anyone have any answers to these questions: Is there any difference between 2021 and 2022 Megane models? How often do you need to rotate the tyres, given how quick they wear out the fronts? What's with the issues about the lightweight battery? Who's someone up in Brisbane who knows their stuff with finetuning the motor (not that it needs much anyway)? Thanks in advance. Appreciate your time.


Clio copy.JPG

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Ph2 (Q3 2021) has different shaped lights, an updated centre console/dash and that’s about it. They might have the Euro6 engine. AFAIK the 2021 PH2 and 2022 PH2 are exactly the same. 

Tyres, The rears wear as well with the rear steer but depends on the tyres you have. Every 5k should be fine.

Lightweight battery was sorted with the PH2 I believe. 

Why Auto?


Better colour and the much desired Performance Pack…

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Thanks for the info. Why auto? I love a manual... but got bored with being trapped in peak traffic. Yeah I know... I shouldn't be driving a car like this in heavy traffic, but it has to be done sometimes. I used the Clio as an everyday; and will be the same with the Megane. PS The red one looks fantastic.

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