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2018 Megane GT 205 issues


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Hi everyone,

I was planning to purchase a 2018 Megane GT 205 MY17 update from a dealer. 
When I took it for a pre purchase inspection, the mechanic could find few issues when they plugged in the OBD scanner and also found erratic gear changes between 2nd and 3rd. 
Could anyone advise whether I should go ahead as dealer advised that they’ll replace transmission fluid and rectify other issues ? 
Thank you all 

Issues identified: 

Clutch Thermal Protection, Component Or System Overheating

Clutch 2,Component Or System Overheating

Secondary Brake Switch Multiplexed Info, Invalid Signal

Computer Supply Voltage, Circuit Voltage Below Threshold

Computer Power Supply, Circuit Voltage Below Threshold

Invalid Data Received From Adaptive Cruise Control, Internal Component Failure

Invalid UCH Multiplex Signals

Warning Light Circuit Fault, Inconsistency Between The Warning Light Status Transmitted By The Instrument Panel And The Request Made By The Airbag Computer.



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My opinion is have all the codes cleared. I would suspect the battery went flat that will be half of them. Then road test vehicle up to full temp and check the hard launch shift in automatic mode. If faults come back for the over temp and box shift or UCH from the box…. Run.

Does it have a tow bar? Then also Run. 

or call it a $4000 potential problem and ask for reduced purchase price or terminate your contract. Don’t get sucked into the extended dealer warranty it normally only cover the first $1500-2000 of any transmission repairs. 


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Definitely check the battery. I am a Megane GT owner from new 2016 model. My car has done 145klms now and I have had no issues with my gearbox. But when my battery was on the way out one time I reversed and couldn't engage into drive. It turns out the battery was causing these issues.  Get the codes cleared and drive the car in normal and RS mode. I have heard from fellow enthusiasts that live in Europe there are issues with the gearbox sometimes. I guess it's the luck of the draw. Good Luck.

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