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  1. Welcome and your car looks great!
  2. Welcome aboard You have such a nice example and that colour is fire!
  3. Perfectly normal. Tyres are made to be used.
  4. congrats on the purchase! you will have a lot of fun with your car.
  5. Brandon, this is normal for all the RS 280 and all the RS 250 ,265, 275 models cars.
  6. Sound like you have a nice car there mate. I will let you know the next track day I will be at. I mainly do time attack and sprint both at Lakeside and QR. I also have a really good mate that organises breakfast and laps.
  7. Welcome Adz , If your keen to take your car on the race track let me know . We have a great group of people doing track days in Qld . The more Renaults the better.
  8. What about your local plastic welding specialist? It might just work.
  9. Hi robbie250, 246 cars that has to be a record on this forum? Can you list a few,
  10. This is one of my favourite colours and suits the RS280 well
  11. Awesome choice! Love the wagon shape
  12. Very Nice It's good to see other colours than orange
  13. Welcome mate , your car look's clean. Just ask all the members for some tips with upgrade and they will happy to help.
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